Guidelines for the format of CVs for Associate Professor and Personal Chair submissions

Title page

This should display name, College, date of birth and academic qualifications and appointments (with dates), including the present one.

A. Research

  1. General description of research field(s) summarizing the relevance and contribution of the publications to the field (not more than half a side of A4).

  2. List research grants, with amounts, obtained in the last ten years, distinguished external grants from internal University grants.

B. Teaching

The following information should be provided in respect of undergraduate, taught Masters and DCAE and other continuing education courses:

  1. List courses taught, indicating number of students and duration.

  2. Include comment on contact hours relating to tutorials, laboratory work, field work, study visits, etc.

  3. Comment on any new courses planned or introduced, on any innovations in method or any other evidence of excellence in teaching (not to exceed half a side of A4).

  4. Grants obtained for teaching purposes

C. External examining

  1. List appointments to examine elsewhere for undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

  2. List appointments to examine elsewhere for higher degrees by research.

  3. List course/assessment/approval at other institutions (eg for CNAA).

D. Postgraduate Personnel

  1. List names, topics, degree and results for Masters by research and PhD.

  2. List Post-Doctoral assistants/fellows.

E. Administration

  1. List College administrative responsibilities with dates.

  2. List University appointments, membership of Committees and working Parties (include Faculty responsibilities) with dates.

  3. Initiatives accepted in the College or University

F. External recognition

  1. List any honours or awards, eg medals, prizes, Fellowships.

  2. Membership and official positions in any professional bodies.

  3. Professional activities e.g. professional TV presentations.

  4. List any invitations to give papers, key-note addresses or lead seminars (include teaching appointments such as Visiting Professor).

  5. List consultative work of a professional nature (include 'expert witness' requests and work at Public Enquiries).

  6. List membership of Editorial Boards and conference organisation etc.

  7. Host to distinguished visitors (in respect of significant periods).

G. Major Contribution to the Region

  1. Positions held, with dates.

  2. Research and/or contribution of particular relevance to the South West which is a direct response to the priorities of the region, thus enhancing the University reputation within the region and its claim to be a major regional resource.

  3. Teaching or leadership of a new course that makes a major impact upon the needs and interests of the South West.

H. Publications

  1. List all publications in sections (as below) in chronological order in each section. in standard style and indicating number of pages.

  2. Include all authors, with self in heavy type, and star refereed items.

  3. Number all publications (excepting 'in press') consecutively through list.

  4. Include completed work accepted for publication in each section.

  5. Particularly significant publications may be indicated as such if desired.


  1. Books - authored, edited (including Conference Proceedings)

  2. Chapters in books, proceedings (including self-edited ones)

  3. Papers in journals

  4. Review articles in journals

  5. Book reviews

  6. Official reports

  7. General editorship of journals and series

  8. Working papers

  9. Others (popular articles, Government reports etc.)

I. Other Publications

Publications in the form of tapes, videos, films, music, computer software, recordings etc. Indicate clearly the type of material

J. Research through Practice

The form of research should be specified, giving clear indication of the type of practice (eg dramatic production, musical performance, etc).