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Recruitment and Selection

  • An effective and professional recruitment and selection process is vital to recruiting and retaining the quality staff that the University needs to remain successful in the future.
  • Recruitment of new employees is managed by the Recruitment Team.
  • We work in partnership with our Recruiting Managers to help them recruit highly talented candidates.
  • Our aim is to deliver a consultative recruitment service to the University and provide advice and guidance to line managers throughout out the whole recruitment process. This includes discussing requirements, candidate sourcing and attraction, through to selection and offer/appointment.

On these pages you'll find all the information you need to successfully undertake this process in partnership with the Recruitment team

Key elements of the recruitment process

  • Approval to recruit
  • Candidate attraction (advertising/candidate sourcing)
  • Selection (interviewing/assessments)
  • Offer and appointment
  • Induction