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STEMM innovation at Exeter Science Park

The University of Exeter is an active and collaborative partner in the Exeter Science Park, focusing combined efforts into developing a beacon for STEMM innovation in the South West.

New research facilities at Exeter Science Park include:


This new facility opened in March 2020, providing a unique, state of the art platform for multi-disciplinary research to study how humans interact with the built environment. The Exeter VSimulators facility can create any environment either physically or virtually, immersing up to nine research volunteers in a simultaneous experience. It offers a range of virtual reality environments such as a grandstand experience, walking along a footbridge and operating within a busy office.

Centre for Future Clean Mobility

The Centre for Future Clean Mobility (CFCM)has been awarded £2m from Heart of the South West LEP to create purpose built facilities to expand research in developing new hybrid and electric powertrain technology for cleaner mobility of humans and goods. The Centre is committed to leading the next generation of clean mobility, which will make our streets, railways, farms, skies, seas and waterways, cleaner and greener. New research facilities are being created at Exeter Science Park, opening in January 2022, that will allow the Centre to design, build, test in-lab and in-service of large electric and hybrid powertrains.

Smart Grids Research Cluster

A new facilty opened in autumn 2020 at the Science Park to support the Smart Grids Research Cluster who focus on the conventional power network and the opportunities and challenges related to the conversion towards a Smart Grid with future low carbon energy scenarios.

Exeter VSimulators

A film about Exeter VSimulators.