Key People

Scientists from the University of Exeter's Penryn Campus will be holding dynamic, interactive sessions with the public at this year's Science in the Square event. As well as sharing their passions for their chosen fields of science, our experts will be on hand to answer any questions you may have.

Dr Nicole Goodey

Dr Nicole Goodey

Interaction session: Living light: The Hidden World of Fluorescence – 12:30

I am an ecologist with a particular passion for invertebrates and plants. These organisms are vast in number, yet their behaviours and extraordinary adaptions often go unnoticed. I enjoy exploring ways to illuminate a world that is every bit as dramatic as the African Savannah.

Dr Ajit Pillai

Dr Ajit Pillai

Interaction session: Exploring the Ocean’s Hidden World with Underwater Robots – 13:30

I am an engineer, specialising in the design optimization of offshore structures and in particular renewable energy devices and arrays. My current work focuses on using autonomous systems and robotics in order to monitor and study ocean environments allowing us to better design and optimize offshore energy systems.

Dr Katy Sheen

Dr Katy Sheen

Interaction session: The Hidden World of the Antarctic Ocean - 14:30

I am a physical geographer, specialising in exploring the physics of our oceans and atmosphere. I use observations and statistical models to investigate how the physical processes within our Earth’s climate system work, and how they may respond to a changing climate. This research has taken me to the remote Southern Ocean to investigate oceanic processes, and more recently has expanded to the Sahel region of Africa to explore the factors which affect rainfall, and how this may be modulated by changes in the global oceans.

Dr Chris Lowen

Dr Chris Lowe

Interaction session: The Hidden World of Microorganisms – 15:30

I am an evolutionary ecologist, with a range of interests related to understanding diversity in aquatic microbes. My work focuses on assessing the processes that shape diversity and the ecological implications of variation within microbial species. I study a range of free-living and symbiotic species that are ecologically important in both marine and freshwater systems.


Dr Sarah Hodge, Senior Lecturer in Zoology at the University of Exeter Penryn Campus: “Science in the Square gives us the opportunity to encourage and inspire people of all ages to find out more about science. It also provides us with a way to give something back to the local community that supports us in so many ways.”

Prof Dave Hosken, Professor of Evolutionary Biology at the University of Exeter Penryn Campus: “Science in the Square is a great way to link our Penryn campus with the local community and it’s a chance to give back and allows all ages to get involved with this amazing hands on experience.”