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Education Incubator Fellows 2020/21

Incubator Fellows 2020/21

Director of the Education Incubator

Dr Sarah Dyer

Sarah Dyer is an Associate Professor in Human Geography, teaching across the Geography degree programmes. She is a social scientist with research interests in education, work, and employment. Sarah is an award-winning educator and a HEA National Teaching Fellow.


Dr Tom Ritchie

Tom Ritchie is the Project Manager for the Education Incubator. He is a historian of science and mathematics with research interests in analogue computers, playful learning approaches, and student success in Higher Education.


Incubator Fellows 2020/21

Dr Kirsty Brock


Professor Nandini Chatterjee
Dr Matthew Collison
Dr Barrie Cooper
Dr Alice Farris
Dr Christine Heales


Dr Holly Henderson
Dr Andrew Higginson
Dr Maarten Koeners
Dr Gihan Marasingha


Dr Houry Melkonian


Dr Adam Porter
Dr Sana Rizvi
Dr Irene Salvo
Dr Pascal Stiefenhofer
Dr Erin Walcon
Dr Kate Wallis


Dr Karen Walshe