eXfactor Testimonials - see how

Femi Kalejaiye, Eleanor Dodson and Rachel Reed benefited from taking part in eXfactor

eXfactor: employability and professional development day

eXfactor is an award-winning programme developed with you in mind - the first of its kind across all UK universities!

eXfactor aims to get you to start thinking about what motivates you, what your interests and values are, the skills set you already have and what you need to develop in order to help you succeed after graduating, whatever you decide to do.

eXfactor is designed help you make the most of your time at the University, by gaining voluntary work, work experience and work placements, participating in clubs and societies and in many other activities. We will help you start the process of unpacking and reflecting on these experiences so that you can make effective use of them to gain a foothold in the career that you want when you graduate.   

Why is it important?

The student and graduate labour market has never been more complex in terms of the opportunities available. eXfactor is designed to give you an understanding of a variety of attributes, beside the ‘good degree’, that are commonly sought by employers and will help you start the process of reflecting on them and articulating them to potential employers.

What will I learn?

Various experiential learning activities will take place over the day. You will be working as a group on a variety of tasks which will:

  • help you to get to know yourself better
  • help you explore opportunities
  • help you test your decisions
  • help you achieve your goals

Additional information: 

You will find your discipline's eXfactor session scheduled in your timetable, though dates can also be found here. If you have any queries about your timetabled session, please visit the eXfactor FAQs.

eXfactor counts towards the Exeter Award. eXfactor will appear on your Exeter Award profile when you register for the AwardFor specific instruction on Career Management skills such as CV writing and completing applications forms, please see The Exeter Award Skills Sessions available to book via My Career Zone.

The programme is led and facilitated by professional external consultants, the University's careers consultants, and other Career Zone staff.

We listen to your feedback about the programme and develop the course accordingly. See how we responded to last year's feedback here: eXfactor - You Said We Did.

Lunch is subsidised on both campuses. You will each be given a voucher to the value of £4 which can be redeemed at selected restaurants on campus: Comida, Pieminister, The Guild Shop and The Terrace in Streatham and The Stannary and Koofi in Penryn, Exeter. Water is available either in or close to the rooms where the sessions are being held - please bring a refillable water bottle.

Part of the day will include a research activity and we would encourage you to bring your smart phone or IPad (or similar) with you for this if you have one, but this is not a requirement.

eXfactor fits into the University's Education Strategy

'The day was very informative and useful, giving me a lot more to think about when I consider my future career and how to view a CV/interviews. I now have a few more options that I know I can look into whereas, before, I was very unsure of how to approach even thinking about my career.'

CLES Student 2017

It was extrememely useful in terms or information as well as motivation! As soon as I care away I signed up to employer talks and signed up to the Exeter Award... I have now nearly completed it, only some work experience left to gain which I will do over Christmas! [sic].

CEMPS Student 2017/18

'[eXfactor was] really good, I learned about the different avenues one can take to teach as well as volunteering work that can help me stand out from other applicants when applying for a job role in the future.'

Humanities student 2017/18


‘The eXfactor programme is an incredibly important first step in preparing undergraduates for the competitive world of work.  This opportunity shows how incredibly proactive the University is at preparing students as early as possible in order to allow them to reach their full potential’ 

Matthew Williamson, Graduate Recruitment Officer, Teach First, 2015


eXfactor is a great initiative for students as it gives them the opportunity to focus on the key employability skills all employers are looking for. The content really focuses on the key skills students need outside of their department of study, and by participating straight away in their first year, gets them thinking about these things before they start applying for jobs.

Bethany Foote, Senior Graduate Recruiter, Accenture 2013/14