What can I do with my degree?

Art History and Visual Culture

The Career Zone have produced a guide: Careers for Art History and Visual Culture graduates

With an Art History and Visual Culture degree from the University of Exeter, you'll be able to:

  • Analyse the art and visual culture of different time periods, and develop good imaginative powers and the ability to understand creative processes.
  • Study abroad developing knowledge of a foreign language and culture.
  • Communicate effectively in an appropriate style and apply sustained written and oral arguments coherently and persuasively.
  • Critically examine diverse forms of art and visual culture.
  • Exercise independent thought and judgement in handling information and arguments in a critical and self-reflective manner.
  • Work with others through team project work and negotiate collective arguments and solutions.
  • Interpret, assess and evaluate sources.
  • Lead and participate in discussions.
  • Give persuasive and professional presentations.
  • Work independently and to deadlines.

Here are some examples of future careers more directly related to Art History and Visual Culture:

  • Art Consultant
  • Art Journalist
  • Academic Library Project Cataloguer
  • Arts Development Officer for County Council
  • Auctioneer
  • Exhibitions Manager
  • Gallery Manager
  • Heritage Management
  • Higher Education Lecturer
  • Historic Buildings Inspector or Conservation Officer
  • Museum or Gallery Curator
  • Museum Documentation Assistant
  • Object Conservator
  • Picture Researcher or Editor
  • Programme Officer for Art Association
  • Secondary School Art or Art History Teacher

Many jobs are open to graduates of any discipline such as law, finance, Civil Service, journalism and other media. 

You can see examples of jobs entered by Exeter graduates of various subjects here. 

Professional Institutions relevant to Art History and Visual Culture

Art History and Visual Culture in the Workplace

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