What can I do with my degree?


With an Engineering degree from the University of Exeter, you'll be able to:

  • Turn ideas into reality by applying technical and scientific knowledge to problems while working through cost, quality standards, sustainability and socio-economic implications
  • Be aware of commercial and business issues relevant to engineering projects
  • Apply mathematical and computational methods to modelling, analysis, design and communication in engineering
  • Understand a broad base of scientific principles underpinning electronic, material, mechanical and civil engineering
  • Understand a broad range of principles and design methods relating to the chosen engineering discipline in general, with knowledge and understanding in several specialist areas at the forefront of the discipline
  • Be aware of the ethical and social issues related to engineering and professional responsibilities

An in-depth look at HESA’s DLHE survey, which provides the most comprehensive picture of what people finishing university degrees do after graduation: What Do Graduates Do?

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