What can I do with my degree?

Arab and Islamic Studies

The Career Zone have produced a guide: Careers for Arab and Islamic Studies graduates

Your one-stop-shop for Arab and Islamic specific digital careers resources and support can be found here.

With an Arab and Islamic Studies degree from the University of Exeter, you'll be able to:

  • Analyse, interpret and research complex resources in a variety of formats
  • Develop opinions and effectively communicate these both orally and in the written form
  • Put forward ideas and make conclusions and communicate these with clarity, coherence and persuasiveness
  • Organise  your workload and meet deadlines
  • Listen effectively and work creatively and flexibly with others
  • Show proficiency in a language other than English where appropriate

The following links will give you further ideas about career options:

University of Exeter Links

Arab and Islamic Studies in the Workplace

The following jobs will use aspects of your Arab and Islamic Studies degree

Jobs directly related to your degree include:

 Jobs where your degree would be useful include: