Data Protection Information for Students

How we use your information

(Data Protection Notice)

The University of Exeter is a data controller and is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office as required under the Data Protection Act 1998. The University will only process your personal data in accordance with the University’s notification and current Data Protection legislation. Here are some of the ways we will use your personal data, this is not exhaustive, but is intended to provide you with an idea of the things that we may need to do throughout your programme of study.

 Non-Obvious Disclosures

  • Some personal data is passed to the Students’ Guild to enable the provision of membership services.
  • Where students are involved in exchange programmes and joint or double degrees we will release personal data to these institutions.
  • We will disclose limited information in connection with your academic progress to sponsors, loan organisations and Scholarship schemes to enable such organisations to establish eligibility for the sponsorship/loan/award.
  • We may wish to notify your previous school or college of your enrolment at the University of Exeter.  If you do not wish your personal data to be used in this way, please confirm in writing to: Outreach & Student Recruitment Manager,
  • At the end of your programme of studies, we will disclose information about your award to third parties who have a legitimate interest, without further recourse to you.  For example, we may disclose this information to a prospective employer, or may notify your previous school or college of your award. We will transfer limited personal information to the Alumni Office and lists of graduating students may be published in local newspapers.
  • We will disclose some personal information regarding Undergraduate to GradIntel, the service through which the Higher Education Achievement Record (HEAR) will be delivered, this will enable access to your HEAR.
  • Should you fall into arrears of payment to the University, we may disclose personal data to a third party (e.g. solicitors, debt recovery agents, Courts) to help pursue and recover the debt.
  • Very occasionally some Departments may publish results on noticeboards as described in the Teaching Quality Assurance Manual.  If you do not want your results to be published in this way, please confirm in writing to: Data Protection Officer,
  • We will not release your personal data to any external organisation for their marketing purposes.  However, we may wish to send information about events, developments and fundraising at the University and in the surrounding area to you and your parent(s)/guardian(s)/trustee(s)/partner/other.  We may also wish to send you information about related products or services that may be relevant to you, for example, information about discounts, Internet services and opportunities for employment or to enhance your career prospects, postgraduate funding, fundraising and voluntary work.  If you do not want us to use your personal data in this way, please confirm in writing to:
  • Teaching and events in University rooms may be recorded and made accessible to students and staff.
  • We may confidentially and securely share your personal information with third parties who are contracted to provide IT services for the University. Such information will only be used to provide the contracted services, and in accordance with the terms of the agreements with the University.

Text Messaging

  • If you have given us your mobile phone number then we might text you with important information - for example, letting you know when lectures have been cancelled. If you do not wish to receive texts from us then you can find further information and unsubscribe at the following link:

Sensitive Personal Data

  • Medical certificates supplied to your College will be kept on your student record throughout your programme of study and may be used by the Board of Examiners for assessment purposes. 
  • Information relating to your attendance record and/or health may be disclosed within references to a third party requesting such information.  Information concerning your physical or mental health may be disclosed within the University so that a proper level of care and facilities may be provided.  AccessAbility will contact all students declaring a disability to confidentially discuss available help.
  • Certain personal data will be sent to the Higher Education Statistics Agency for Statistical Analysis, Government Education Departments, Funding Councils and other authorised users of data. Data may also be checked for accuracy against external data sources. Contact details (including phone numbers) of finalists will be sent to HEFCE for the National Student Survey. See: for full details. The University may also invite you to participate in surveys.

Students based in Exeter:

  • We disclose details of full-time registered students to Exeter City Council so that liability for Council Tax may be established. We disclose limited personal information of all students residing in University accommodation to the Electoral Registration Officer at Exeter City Council.
  • Personal information is disclosed to the Student Health Centre.

Students based in Cornwall:

  • We will disclose personal information to University of Falmouth, Falmouth Exeter Plus and the Falmouth and Exeter Students’ Union (FXU) to facilitate the use of campus-wide shared facilities such as the library, IT facilities and accommodation services.
  • We disclose the names of full-time registered students to Cornwall Council so that liability for Council Tax may be established.

International Students

  • You should be aware that personal information including information about your enrolment, attendance and progress at this establishment may be passed to the Home Office for purposes connected with immigration.

Further Information

Further information may be obtained from the Records Manager, ( or following the links on the left of this page.

Updated: August 2013