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Ace Week 2022

We’re here, we’re queer, and no you don’t mishear – it’s Ace Week 2022! (23 – 29 October 2022)

‘Ace’ is a shorthand colloquialism used to refer to asexual people – yes, that’s us, under the A of LGBTQIA! No, the A does not mean Ally, and yes, ‘asexual’ is more than just a term from your biology textbook.

Asexuality is ‘an umbrella term used specifically to describe a lack of, varying, or occasional experiences of sexual attraction. This encompasses asexual people as well as those who identify as demisexual, grey ace, and other ace-spec identities’ (Stonewall). Like other lesser known identities, such as aromanticism and being agender (the other ‘A’s of the acronym!), asexuality is often misinterpreted or outright excluded from LGBTQIA+ spaces. However, like every queer identity and person, asexuality is personal, complex, intersectional and worthy of support and celebration. Work like the Stonewall x Yasmin Benoit Ace Project and AVEN – the Asexual Visibility and Education Network is vitally important in helping to not only gain recognition of asexuality and reduce the associated stigma and stereotype, but also to showcase and celebrate the diversity of asexuality and asexual people.

This year’s theme, ‘Boundless Creativity!’, is the perfect time to learn more about and get involved in recognising and supporting asexuality – and even better, to find your new favourite writer, artist, singer, streamer, and more, along the way!

Creators and Voices

Yasmin Benoit - Yasmin Benoit is a British model, award-winning asexual activist, writer, speaker and project consultant. Her latest piece of writing explores the darker side of activism

Finn Longman – Finn Longman is an author, who has written a new post for Ace Week this year: Being Yourself On Purpose

Rowan Ellis – YouTube video essayist, discusses her asexual identity and debunks asexual myths alongside Alice Oseman, author of asexual coming of age novel “Loveless”