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Respect Festival

The Exeter Respect Festival is an annual event that celebrates diversity and promotes mutual respect, equality, and understanding in the local community. The festival showcases a variety of performances, activities, and exhibits that aim to engage attendees in learning about different cultures and perspectives. This event is an opportunity to celebrate and embrace the unique identities and experiences of individuals from different backgrounds, with the aim of promoting unity and solidarity in the community.

The University of Exeter also hosts an annual Respect on Campus event, which aims to foster a welcoming and inclusive campus environment. The event provides a platform for students, staff, and members of the community to come together and engage in discussions and activities that promote respect, diversity, and inclusivity. This event is an opportunity to raise awareness about issues such as discrimination, prejudice, and stereotyping, and to promote the value of mutual respect and understanding. Through these events, the University of Exeter and the local community are able to promote a culture of inclusivity and respect, where individuals from all backgrounds feel valued and supported.