PROTECT in Hong Kong: Driving research into dementia prevention

PROTECT (Platform for Research Online to Investigate Genetics and Cognition in Ageing) is a ground-breaking approach to research into ageing and brain health which is driving innovation into prevention of dementia in populations worldwide. 

PROTECT is a unique online platform that enables collection of highly accurate, detailed data from hundreds of thousands of people over the age of 50, through their computers and mobile devices. There is no need for complex medical assessments or visits to a clinic.

The PROTECT battery of cognitive tests measures individual brain functions, including memory, problem solving and attention, providing an unprecedented insight into brain health in older adults. This data allows us to explore factors which influence how brain function changes as we age. Importantly, PROTECT also allows us to conduct embedded clinical trials of exciting new approaches to reduce the risk of dementia in the future. In addition PROTECT participants can access a Brain Training Programme which is clinically proven to help maintain brain function in older adults.

The University of Exeter is committed to offering PROTECT free of charge to all adults over 50 in Hong Kong, including a short cognitive test battery, a series of validated questionnaires and brain training games.

As more people in Hong Kong become engaged with PROTECT, it opens up the possibility for philanthropists to fund further bespoke research in Hong Kong, including opportunities for novel interventions, and expand its potential impact even further. Below are some of the ways this can happen.

PROTECT enhanced version:

A fully interactive, upgraded version of PROTECT will be available from 2018, offering extended brain training games, a larger range of cognitive tests and questionnaires.

  • Your philanthropic gift of £100,000 can bring this to Hong Kong.
  • Your philanthropic gift of £450,000 can bring this to mainland China.

Clinical Trials for Dementia Prevention:

Targeted clinical trials of innovative new treatments for reducing risk of dementia can be delivered through the PROTECT clinical trials platform. These include trials of exciting potential therapies such as vitamins, green tea, fitness training and online brain training interventions for population-wide roll-out.

  • Your philanthropic gift of £350,000 – £550,000 could help make this happen.

Precision Medicine for Dementia Prevention in Hong Kong:

'Precision Medicine’ provides customised healthcare where medical decisions, practices and products are tailored to the individual. The University of Exeter would like to launch a research platform that explores the specific genetic makeup of targeted populations in Hong Kong and China, with the aim of sharing evidence based research findings about dementia prevention that is tailored to the individual. PROTECT offers remote DNA testing for all participants with embedded genome-wide analysis. Genetic profiling is the critical step towards tailoring dementia prevention for a target population, and would facilitate major clinical trials and prevention initiatives for precision medicine across the region.

  • Your philanthropic gift of £600,000 – £1 million could help facilitate this.

PROTECT will be launching in Hong Kong in autumn 2017. To take part in the programme, train your brain and help reduce risk of dementia, sign-up online.

If you would like to discuss supporting this initiative, please contact Kate Foley, Associate Director Philanthropy and Campaigns, at the University of Exeter.