Impact of energy creation on our oceans

Research is giving us a better understanding of how human activity affects the seas and answering questions about how exploitation of the seas can be undertaken in the most sustainable way.

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European funding for SMEs available to drive innovation

The SME Instrument can help businesses develop innovative products and bring them to market.

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Wilt, dieback and sudden death

World-leading research in 30 seconds

Professor Murray Grant talks about his work into banana wilt in Africa and the effect it could have if banana crops are wiped out.

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Researcher in focus
Professor Pierre Friedlingstein

It’s been a remarkable year for Prof Friedlingstein. He spoke to us about recent achievements, the IPCC and melting permafrost.

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Partnership in focus
Theta Technologies

A partnership between the University and Theta Technologies developed after the company founder developed new ways of testing materials during his PhD at Exeter.

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Group in focus
Cognition group

The Cognition group is learning how people can control behaviours such as overeating and gambling.

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