We take a look at back at the Defeating depression: What hope? event, held in June.

This event gathered together an expert panel and members of the public to discuss how mental healthcare has changed, and where improvements could still be made.

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VoiceLabs hit the right notes at Google Start-up Weekend

An innovative voice coaching app propelled budding entrepreneur, Matt Pocock to the top of the class at Europe's first Google start up weekend.

Find out how Matt came with the idea for the Voice Lab app, and what happens when the fun of coming up with a business idea turns serious.

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Researcher in focus
Dr Jo Welsman

Find out how Dr Jo Welsman is trying to embed public involvement and engagement into research taking place at the Centre for Biomedical Modelling and Analysis.

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Partnership in focus
Working with multiple partners to create a different world in 2050

Working in partnership doesn’t need to just involve one partner as Dr Steve Simpson demonstrated when he gathered together people actively working in different aspects of UK fisheries to develop a vision for 2050.

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Group in focus
Health and Environment Public Engagement group

The Health and Environment Public Engagement Group helped shape a study on surfers' resistance to antibiotics. Find out why engagement is the key top high quality research.

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