Student looking at term dates

The University's academic year begins in September/October.

Facts and figures

Term dates


Autumn Term: Monday 25 September - Friday 15 December

Spring Term: Monday 8 January - Thursday 29 March

Summer Term: Monday 30 April - Friday 15 June


Autumn Term: Monday 24 September - Friday 14 December

Spring Term: Monday 7 January - Friday 29 March

Summer Term: Monday 29 April - Friday 14 June


Autumn Term: Monday 23 September - Friday 13 December

Spring Term: Monday 6 January - Friday 27 March

Summer Term: Monday 27 April - Friday 12 June

Note: The dates given above are for standard University terms: however, for some programmes, eg Medicine, and study abroad/exchange programmes, the dates of required attendance may vary. New students should also be aware that Freshers' Week is usually the week immediately before the start of term. Full details on the New Students website.