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If you wish to share any thoughts about living with students in the community you can call this number 24 hours a day, or email us.
Phone: 01392 726252 Email:

StreetWise helpline and email service

The StreetWise Helpline and email service has been set-up to help direct enquiries from Exeter Residents who wish to share any thoughts, news, feedback and concerns they might have about living with students in the community.

The StreetWise Helpline is a 24 hour answer phone service which permits residents to highlight issues at any time of the day or night. The StreetWise email service operates in precisely the same way. The Community Liaison Officer, Rory Cunningham will respond to messages as soon he can.

Helpline: 01392 726252 Email:

We have a commitment to confirm receipt of StreetWise calls and emails within twenty four hours (excluding weekends).
If we are dealing with a complex issue and cannot supply a full response initially, we aim to do report back fully within ten days.

We understand that noise, rubbish and parking are often key issues. The StreetWise Helpline and email will help develop a better picture of how and why such issues may be occurring. However - this service is not just for logging complaints - it is also a number that you can ring to highlight good news, improvements in local areas or to suggest ideas for future projects. If recording a message out of hours please speak clearly and the Community Liaison Officer will respond as soon as possible.