Community news

Term Three Preparation 2018    

As the academic year comes to an end and students get ready to move out of their premises, we have planned some mitigating measures, which are outlined below.

Please contact the Community Liaison team on 01392 726252 / if you have any queries about student departures and term three planning.

Socialising Responsibly:

  • As final exams finish and term three draws to an end, many students will be celebrating the end of the year. We appreciate that this often means socialising at home and in the city centre. We have been communicating with students via email and social media about respecting neighbours and consulting the community guide prior to arranging social events.
  • If members of the community encounter any serious noise disturbances from a student address (and direct contact isn’t possible) please call Estate Patrol on 01392 723999. Estate Patrol Should be able to investigate, pending on-campus emergencies.

Refuse and Litter:

  • The ‘Students on the Move’ scheme begins on Monday 11th June and finishes on July 27th. The scheme will provide a range of additional, University-paid refuse collections for students every Monday and Friday during this time. Normal collections will occur mid-week as usual.
  • The Students on the Move scheme also pays for two community clear-up days for twelve streets in the St James Ward. These will occur on June 9th and July 21st. Participating streets will receive an information leaflet closer to the time.
  • A limited number of food, bulky waste and glass collections are also available through the Students on the Move scheme.
  • British Heart Foundation collection bags will be included within moving out packs this year for the first time – with a new guidance leaflet explaining how to recycle bulkier items like furniture and bedding.
  • Please be aware that we also encounter a degree of Landlord/builder waste at this time of the year too. Student waste often gets mixed up with this material. We are happy to receive feedback about any addresses that residents have concerns about.
  • The Student Community Wardens will also be leading with a series of litter picks in high footfall areas.