The values describe our defining characteristics – what makes Exeter different.

Our Mission

We make the exceptional happen by challenging traditional thinking and defying conventional boundaries.

Our Vision

Our driving ambition is to be a global 100 research leader and create graduates of distinction within a community of the most talented and creative minds.

Our Values

The values describe our defining characteristics – what makes Exeter different – and make the assumption that everyone subscribes to a common code of decency. They describe our collective aspirations and are a reference point for setting strategies, and objectives for teams and individuals, as well as guiding everyday decisions. Find out more on our Values website.


Ambition has driven us to where we are today, and will help us to sustain our position within the Global 100.


We relish challenge and reach for the previously unachievable.


We work at our best in active collaboration between students, colleagues and external partners.


We support and inspire each other to be the best that we can be.


Making the exceptional happen requires disruptive thinking, fresh ways of working and solutions with impact.


We strive to reach the highest standards of scholarship and service.