Make sure you make the most of your Exeter Award on your CV and LinkedIn profile.

Putting the Award on your CV

Many universities offer some kind of employability or extracurricular award and though large graduate employers are likely to be familiar with it, they are unlikely to know the the precise content of the Exeter Award.

So, it's a good idea to use the 'Exeter Award' entry on your CV and LinkedIn profile to showcase the skills that completing the Award helped you to develop.

There is more information on using social media professionally on the Career Zone website.

You can use this as an opportunity to detail the personal development sessions and activities you took part in, and give some detail on how you benefitted from them and what skills they helped you to develop - especially if you went on to use them in the workplace!

We actively encourage you to list the Exeter Award on your LinkedIn profile.

"The Exeter Award has helped me to understand where I want to go with my career, from the start the skills sessions gave me guidance on a career that might be right for me. The range of sessions helped me develop many skills employers look for like presentation skills in an engaging and interactive way. If you’re thinking of doing the Exeter Award, I’d say definitely go for it!"

Isabelle, BSC Psychology second year, 2017.

"I've always found interviews really daunting and never been particularly successful but after the Career Zone's Interview Experience I left with a lot more confidence and preparation tips and my first interview since has ended up with me getting an internship at the Met Office, so definitely a success!" [sic]

Amy, BA/BSC Geography third year, 2018.