Green Consultants - A free program open to all University of Exeter students. 

Completing Green Consultants will allow you to complete your Exeter Award and will also count towards the Exeter Leaders Award.

Award Winning Green Consultants Programme

Green Consultants

What is Green Consultants?

Green Consultants is an industry recognised award winning training program involving facilitated learning for students interested in pursuing a career with an environmental or sustainability focus.


Green Steps work-study training programme - Formation en alternance Green Steps from VINCI on Vimeo.


It has been designed to provide students with practical experience to complement their current programme of study.

For the academic year 2017/18 we will be training a number of students from both our Exeter and Penryn Campuses to be able to undertake practical work as a junior consultants dealing with environmental and sustainability issues.

Initially this will be carried out as part of an on-campus group project working with key clients with in the University where you can apply your training in delivering live business outputs and later in an internship position which we will help you source.

This interactive programme comprises of 3 separate elements:

  • Bronze level - 3 day sustainability training course for Streatham students 11th,12th and 13th December 2017 and Penryn students 18th,19th and 20th December 2017.
  • Silver level - 5 day (or 35 hours) on-campus group project to be completed by Wednesday 2nd May 2018.
  • Gold level - 15 day Internship (or 150 hours) for Penryn credit bearing students to be completed by 30th July 2018, for non credit bearing students Monday 24th September 2018.

For students based at the Penryn campus Green Consultants can be taken as a 15 credit module option. For Penryn based Geographers this option is only available to you in year 2.


Applications: for the 2017/18 are currently open

3-day Training 

Over the three days as trainee consultants you will learn how to carry out energy, water, waste, travel and carbon audits as well as develop your skills as a change agent. Moreover, as this programme is business orientated; professional, business and commercial awareness skills will also be further developed. Understanding and learning how to effect sustainable change in a business is another key part. This programme provides you with an amazing opportunity to develop your CV and build a greater understanding to this field of work making this a very competitive programme. Also, many of these skills will also count towards the Exeter and Exeter Leaders Award.


  • Meeting your client
  • Working up the project brief
  • Conducting audits- water, waste, energy and carbon
  • Organisational analysis
  • Change management "How to make friends and influence people"
  • Presenting your results and recommendations


"The Live presentations were really good practise for our on-campus projects, it was good to work in a team and then see how others had approached their tasks." Trainee in Dec 2014


"Understanding in more detail what our role as consultants are and what the client will expect of us. It also gave us an insight into the jump from learning based environment to the work place." Trainee in Dec 2014


"The practise of giving a live presentation was very useful as it was something totally different from the experience that we have had in our academic experiences." Trainee for Dec 2014


"The drivers for organisational change and staff change was interesting and helpful. It made me think about my personal skills and what I could offer." Trainee in Dec 2013


On-Campus Projects

After the 3-day training has been completed a 5-day on campus project (35 hours) undertaken with clients from, the University (Exeter) or FXPlus (Cornwall). This allows you to put into practice what you have learnt during the training. Here are some of the project briefs that students undertook on campus in previous years:


Cutting Edge Environmental Technology

  • This project asked the Green Consultants to evaluate new cutting edge environmental technologies that could be incorporated into the development of new student residencies.  It involved them researching and reviewing a range of technologies from different case studies highlighting the potential benefits and drawbacks of each. 
  • FXPlus asked the Green Consultants to review the waste and recycling policy at the Penryn Campus with regards to the existing receptacles. The consultants looked specifically at the location of existing bins and user behaviour on the campus. The end output from the project was an assessment of waste and recycling receptacles that are currently on the market highlighting their costs and recommendations for use on campus. 

Waste and Recycling Policy and Provision at the Penryn Campus


Transport Planning

  • It was recognised that the Penryn campus is located in a rural part of the country and it can be a challenge for many students, staff and visitors to champion sustainable travel because of this. Therefore, FXPlus asked Green Consultants to examine examples of best practices for travelling to and from campus from remote/ non-urban sites and which can be considered by the client.


Fairtrade within the University Campuses (Streatham and St Luke)

  • The aim of the project is to establish a more accurate understanding of how the university community perceives and acts upon Fairtrade, whilst also quantifying the current extent of our Fairtrade offering within Guild and University outlets and catering. The two key objectives were:

- What is our Fairtrade offering?

- Do people understand or value Fairtrade?

Environmental Assessment of the Guild Societies

  • With the absence of any prior documentation surrounding this subject, the project aims were to provide pioneering research that considers the exact environmental impact of all Guild Societies and suggests ways in which this can be reduced. A range of techniques were used, from interviewing the societies, posting in the newsletter, carrying out questionnaires and data analysis.   




 Green Consultants are supported by the Careerzone to secure a paid internship with their preferred employer, in a location of their choice.

The internship is for 3 weeks and needs to have a sustainability focus; this can include working for a company that has a sustainability focus e.g. The Met Office, or working with a company that does not, but undertaking a sustainability related project e.g. The Firehouse Pub, Exeter undertaking an energy audit and recommendations.

Green Consultant Trainees have been fortunate to have opportunities to complete internships with a variety of great companies. It is a good way to put into practise the skills that you have developed over the training days and through the on campus projects.


Georgina Kleinschmidt (3rd Year BSc Geography)- Committee on Climate Change and Arup

 “I learnt so much during my 5 weeks with the CCC and feel that I really made the most of my time there. I fulfilled all of the personal objectives that I set out to achieve, whilst being able to aid the team in meeting their own project targets and deadlines. I met so many interesting people, spoke with as many as possible, and tried my best to be of use to, and a part of, the team. I hope that the work that I contributed will have a positive impact on the completion of the next report, and I intend to stay in touch with the contacts that I made in the Committee.”




Emma Collinson – (3rd Year BSc Geography)  Natural Generation

“In conclusion, I thoroughly enjoyed the placement. I found the work very rewarding, I learnt a lot and developed many important professional skills.  I believe that I achieved the aims outlined at the beginning of this report. I now feel I know what to expect from a work place environment after graduation and know that would very much like the opportunity to work in the renewable energy industry in the future.”



Thomas Kennett – (2nd Year BSc Geography) Committee Energy Plus

“During my relatively short time working with CEP I gained a valuable insight into the renewable energy and consultation industry. CEP is fairly unique in offering a broad range of advice and consultation services but I feel this was beneficial for me, as it meant I could experience a variety of services and develop more skills than I would have had I spent time experiencing just one job role.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with CEP and believe it was a valuable experience that will aid my career progression. I particularly enjoyed the opportunity to be a part of a public consultation and having a role in both the preparation and presentation of consultation material. I would have liked to have the opportunity to learn more about EPCs and experience an audit, but there were none scheduled during my time with the company. I would definitely consider contacting CEP again in order to gain more work experience.”



Alexandra Garner – Taylor Woodrow Vinci

Ali’s internship position was an Environmental Assistant. She carried out a research project, similar to the format of the on-campus projects carried out throughout the Green Consultants Programme where she developed the Environmental Leadership Score. Taylor Woodrow largely analyses waste and carbon production as well as water consumption, however, there wasn’t a direct influence or relevance for the workers on the sites. This Environmental Leadership Score monitored the progress of being more environmentally aware by updating personnel on site about the ecology, their progress on the reduction of water, water and carbon emissions. 


Past Trainee Green Consultants Profiles

In each year of trainees that pass through the Green Consultants Programme many students have now graduated and secured employment working in this industry. We have asked a few of these past Green Consultants to explain how they feel the programme has helped them in their current employment. 

Of the 48 Green Consultant Trainees from past years there are (Figures from GC Linked In Group):

 41% still in Higher education (2 people completing related MSc)

45% are now employed

45% of those students are now in jobs of related fields - Recycling Office at Chiltern & Wycombe Joint Services, Environmental Graduate at Taylor Woodrow Vinci, Conservation Planner at Bahamas National Trust and Waste & Operations Assistant at LCM Environmental

12% employment status is unknown.


Shawn Gubbins- (MSc Sustainable Development: Climate Change and Risk Management, Penryn) - Taylor Woodrow Vinci

 Shawn is currently employed by Taylor Woodrow as an Environmental Intern based at the Tottenham Court Station Upgrade in central London. Shawn's role is to undertake ESOS compliance for the project. Elements of the Green Consultants training have been directly useful in this including Energy Auditing, Report Writing, Communication and Working with clients. In addition to this VINCI are supporting Shawn in developing new skills such as noise moni-toring. The Tottenham Court Road Station Upgrade is in a densely populated environment and monitor-ing of noise levels is being used proactively to man-age and control the works to keep noise levels to the minimum set out in the S61 consents. Shawn has been able to undertake monitoring, analyse data and report to colleagues and stakeholders.


James Sheers- Environmental and Sustainability Manager at Overbury and Morgan Lovell

James is involved in a wide array of environmental aspects of Overbury and Morgan Lovell's business, including: Waste management and waste audits; site audits; maintaining ISO 14001 accreditation for Overbury and Morgan Lovell; responsible sourcing; assisting with PQQs and tenders; assisting BREEAM, SKA and LEED projects and sustainability reporting . James also carries out site visits to various projects such as the Cheese Grater building and other projects on the Wimbledon Tennis grounds.

From carrying out the Green Consultants Programme it really allowed James to explore the different aspects of sustainability and find where his interests lay which are in waste management. Through developing his skills in waste management through doing waste audits James then undertook a three month internship with VINCI PLC researching whether it would be successful to implement PAS 402 within England. PAS 402 is a waste management strategy that will improve the reliability of waste reporting within the construction industry by creating a standardised way of reporting waste data which is verified by an independent third party. This research involved talking to different stakeholders involved with the management of construction, demolition and excavation waste. James formed recommendations and time frames for the implementation of PAS 402 within England, and presented his findings to the UKCG Waste Sub-Group on 10th September and the Environment Group on the 11th September, and a detailed report was published.


Alexandra Garner- Environmental Advisor Taylor Woodrow Vinci

Ali is continuing to develop the Environmental Leadership Score for Taylor Woodrow where she has taken on more responsibility with the project enabling her to collate all the data, carry out her own site inspections and put together action plans to implement new conservation techniques. Ali has also been undertaking personal development schemes enabling her to develop her skills in the business sector. This development will enable her to possibly advance her roll into a chartered environmentalist.


 Internship Company Links:


Exeter Award                       

Effective Applications

The Green Consultants program is very competitive so you need to ensure you submit your best application - making sure that you stand out from the crowd. Subsequently it is recommended that you book on and complete an “Effective application form” work shop bookable via My Career Zone. This will also count to your Exeter Award.

The Exeter Award

If you already have an Exeter Award account by completing the Green Consultants 3 day training program you will see that the following sessions will appear on your record:

Other Activities                                                            

  • Professionalism in the work place
  • Project Planning
  • Linked In Lab.

Personal Development Sessions

  • Effective listening Skills
  • Understanding Team Dynamics
  • Networking
  • Presentation Skills

The On Campus Student Project

For those of you with limited volunteer or work experience the 35hrs worth of work that you will do as part of your On Campus Project will allow you to allocate this time to the Volunteer / Work Experience section of the Exeter Award.

This mean that together with Effective Application form session, all you will need to do to complete the Exeter Award is the On Line Application Form and the Interview Experience.

If you don’t have an Exeter Award account

It’s really simple to set up, click on the link below and simply sign up and the sessions highlighted above will automatically appear on your profile.

Reasons why you should complete it?

  • It’s a talking point on your CV to show you have done extra activities over and above your studies
  • Exeter Award is the most rigorous award type in the top 10 University’s in the UK
  • Only 5% of students at Exeter complete so you will be in an elite group  – although it has the highest engagement figures of any award type in UK top 10.
  • Makes you stand out from the crowd.
  • Employers are becoming increasingly aware of it.

Exeter Leaders Award

In addition to the Exeter Award elements, the Green Consultants program also recognises the following Exeter Leaders Award sessions which will automatically be added to your Exeter Leaders Award profile. Don’t worry, if you haven’t yet signed up for the Exeter Leaders Award (as you need to have completed the Exeter Award first ) the system will automatically allocate these completed sessions as and when you activate your account.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Commercial Awareness
  • Project Management
  • Sustainability

See more information on the Exeter Leaders Award


Am I eligible?

You must be a current University of Exeter student when you apply for the programme. We welcome applications from all disciplines and levels of study, as long as you can demonstrate a commitment to sustainability and an interest in a career in this area. As this programme will be running in Exeter and Cornwall, we accept applications from students from any campus.

International students

You must have right to work in the UK and provide your visa status and explanation on your application form. When you are called to interview you will be asked to bring evidence of your right to work status.

To work in the UK you will need a National Insurance number. For more information on how to obtain one please go to:

How to apply


Applications for the 2017/18  program are open until 10th November:


Or search for 'Green Consultant' in MyCareerZone.


Please review the Green Consultants Q&A  for any other questions you may have. And for any further unanswered questions please email: