Completing Green Consultants:
- Completes the Exeter Award
- Contributes to Leader's Award

Green Consultants aligns with UN Sustainable Development Goals

Map for the Green Consultants 3-Day Training

Learn about the training days in the '3-Day Training' section.

Hakeem Buge Profile

Find out about previous Green Consultants in the 'Internships' section.

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 Green Consultants is an industry-recognised, award-winning training   program that involves facilitated learning for students interested in   pursuing a career with an environmental or sustainability focus.


It has been designed to provide students with practical experience to complement their current programme of study.

For the academic year 2017/18 we will be training a number of students from both our Exeter and Penryn Campuses to be able to undertake practical work as junior consultants dealing with environmental and sustainability issues.

Initially this will be carried out as part of an on-campus group project working with key clients within or outside the University where you can apply your training in delivering live business outputs and later in an internship position which we will help you source.

This interactive program consists of 3 separate elements:

Bronze Silver Gold Diagram


  • Bronze level - 3 day sustainability training course:
    • Streatham students: 11th,12th and 13th December 2017
    • Penryn students: 18th,19th and 20th December 2017
  • Silver level - 5 day (35 hours) on-campus group project:
    • To be completed by: Wednesday 2nd May 2018
  • Gold level - 15 day (150 hours) internship:
    • For Penryn credit bearing students: to be completed by 1st August 2018
    • For non credit bearing students: Monday 24th September 2018

For students based at the Penryn campus Green Consultants can be taken as a 15 credit module option. For Penryn based Geographers this option is only available to you in year 2.

Applications: for 2017/18 are currently closed.


3-Day Training 

Over the three days as trainee consultants you will learn how to carry out energy, water, waste, travel and carbon audits as well as develop your skills as a change agent.

Moreover, this programme is business orientated: professional, business and commercial awareness skills will be further developed. Understanding and learning how to effect sustainable change in a business is another key part.

This programme provides you with an amazing opportunity to develop your CV and build a greater understanding of this field of work making this a very competitive programme.

Many of these skills will also count towards your Exeter Award and Exeter Leaders Award.

Training Day map:

Map for the Green Consultants 3-Day Training

On-Campus Projects


After the 3-day training has been completed, a 35-hour project is undertaken with either local businesses, FXPlus (Cornwall) or the University (Exeter) as clients. This allows you to put into practice what you have learnt during the training. To give you an idea what you could be working on, here are some of the projects being carried out this year:


Fifteen - Waste analysis

  • Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen restaurant is looking to improve their understanding of their waste flows within the Watergate Bay.
  • A student group has been tasked with large-scale data analysis of Fifteen’s waste invoices, and providing a report that provides the restaurant with a comprehensive report and recommendations for further auditing and sustainable action.

The Final Straw - Digital mapping

  • The Final Straw is a campaign by Pat Smith and James Neale, aiming to make Cornwall the first region totally free of plastic straws.
  • Students are creating a digital map of Cornwall that locates businesses that have or haven’t signed up to remove plastic straws, to locate areas that need targeting by the campaign and volunteers.

Ecodrive - Digital mapping

  • Ecodrive is an Electric Vehicle consultancy working to accelerate the uptake of EVs in the UK and Cornwall.
  • This student team is working to research existing EV infrastructure and generate mapping work to locate the most efficient locations for new charging points throughout the county.

Newquay Community Orchard - Creating a Green Hub

  • Newquay Community Orchard aims to be a multifunctional community hub offering various services and events for the local community.
  • Students are researching other ‘Green Hubs’ around the world, metapopulation theory and suggest the best ways for the Community Orchard to implement these ideas and measure their effect within the community.

FX Plus - Light Pollution

  • FX Plus manages and delivers shared services at the Penryn Campus on behalf of Falmouth University and the University of Exeter
  • They would like a group of students to create an energy map for the ESI building, to better understand light sources and provide suggestions on how to change behaviour on campus and reduce light pollution and energy usage on campus.

Internships (and Beyond)

Green Consultants are supported by the CareerZone to secure an internship with their preferred employer, in a location of their choice.

The internship is for 15 days (either as a 3-week chunk or spread out) and needs to have a sustainability focus; this can include working for a company that has a sustainability focus e.g. The Met Office, or working with a company that does not, but undertaking a sustainability related project e.g. The Firehouse Pub, Exeter undertaking an energy audit and recommendations. 

Green Consultant Trainees have been fortunate to have opportunities to complete internships with a variety of great companies. It is a good way to put into practise the skills that you have developed over the training days and through the on campus projects.

Here are some stories from ex-Consultants, showing what they learned on the course, particularly the internship, and where it has led them afterwards.


Emma Collinson Graduate Green Consultant Profile

Hakeem Buge Graduate Green Consultant Profile



Internship Company Links:


Exeter Award                       

Effective Applications

The Green Consultants program is very competitive so you need to ensure you submit your best application - making sure that you stand out from the crowd. Subsequently it is recommended that you book on and complete an “Effective application form” work shop bookable via My Career Zone. This will also count to your Exeter Award.

The Exeter Award

If you already have an Exeter Award account by completing the Green Consultants 3 day training program you will see that the following sessions will appear on your record:

Other Activities                                                            

  • Professionalism in the work place
  • Project Planning
  • Linked In Lab.

Personal Development Sessions

  • Effective listening Skills
  • Understanding Team Dynamics
  • Networking
  • Presentation Skills

The On Campus Student Project

For those of you with limited volunteer or work experience the 35hrs worth of work that you will do as part of your On Campus Project will allow you to allocate this time to the Volunteer / Work Experience section of the Exeter Award.

This mean that together with Effective Application form session, all you will need to do to complete the Exeter Award is the On Line Application Form and the Interview Experience.

If you don’t have an Exeter Award account

It’s really simple to set up, click on the link below and simply sign up and the sessions highlighted above will automatically appear on your profile.

Reasons why you should complete it?

  • It’s a talking point on your CV to show you have done extra activities over and above your studies
  • Exeter Award is the most rigorous award type in the top 10 University’s in the UK
  • Only 5% of students at Exeter complete so you will be in an elite group  – although it has the highest engagement figures of any award type in UK top 10.
  • Makes you stand out from the crowd.
  • Employers are becoming increasingly aware of it.

Exeter Leaders Award

In addition to the Exeter Award elements, the Green Consultants program also recognises the following Exeter Leaders Award sessions which will automatically be added to your Exeter Leaders Award profile. Don’t worry, if you haven’t yet signed up for the Exeter Leaders Award (as you need to have completed the Exeter Award first ) the system will automatically allocate these completed sessions as and when you activate your account.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Commercial Awareness
  • Project Management
  • Sustainability

See more information on the Exeter Leaders Award


Am I eligible?

You must be a current University of Exeter student when you apply for the programme. We welcome applications from all disciplines and levels of study, as long as you can demonstrate a commitment to sustainability and an interest in a career in this area. As this programme will be running in Exeter and Cornwall, we accept applications from students from any campus.

International students

You must have right to work in the UK and provide your visa status and explanation on your application form. When you are called to interview you will be asked to bring evidence of your right to work status.

To work in the UK you will need a National Insurance number. For more information on how to obtain one please go to:

How to apply


Applications for the 2017/18 program are closed.


Please review the Green Consultants Q&A  for any other questions you may have. And for any further unanswered questions please email:

You may find it interesting to research the Sustainable Development Goals for more information on the international sustainability agenda.