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March 2009

Nigerian teachers investigate rural schools

A select group of African teachers from Nigeria are visiting the South West, to find out more about the way school children are encouraged to interact in the classroom and in after school clubs.

One of the most popular universities in the UK

Exeter is one of the most popular universities in the UK, according to application figures for entry in October this year.

Exeter smashes election turnout record

Students at the University of Exeter have made it a record breaking turnout in their Students’ Guild elections.

Study shows why sporting heroes should thank their friends

Encouraging words from friends and family can pave the way to sporting victory, according to research by the University of Exeter, released today.

Golding’s literary legacy shines in Exeter

Nobel Prize winning novelist and Cornwall’s most famous literary son, the late Sir William Golding, is being celebrated by the University of Exeter at a special memorial lecture on Thursday 5 March.

Exeter archaeologists find earliest known domestic horses

An international team of archaeologists, led by the Universities of Exeter and Bristol, has uncovered the earliest known evidence of horses being domesticated by humans.

World class research earns major funding boost

The University of Exeter has seen one of the biggest rises in the country in its annual government grant for research and teaching.

New study links virus to type 1 diabetes

A team of researchers from the Peninsula Medical School, the University of Brighton and the Department of Pathology at Glasgow Royal Infirmary, has found that a common family of viruses (enteroviruses) may play an important role in triggering the development of diabetes.

University bucks trend to secure major awards

The University of Exeter has achieved a historic number of postgraduate awards from the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC).

South west schools celebrate science

South west school children will be modelling chocolate, dissecting owl pellets and staring at the stars: all in the name of science.

Get personal to improve heart health

Scare tactics may not be necessary when trying to get patients at risk of heart disease to change their diet or behaviour, a new study has found.

Quantum doughnuts slow and freeze light at will

A researcher from the University of Exeter has helped to find a way to use doughnut shaped by-products of quantum dots to slow and even freeze light.

Will this be a recession with depression?

In a period of economic uncertainty around work and loss of work, levels of stress may be reaching an all time high.

Exeter academic addresses top climate researchers in Copenhagen

The University of Exeter’s Met Office Chair in Climate System Dynamics, Professor Peter Cox, has addressed the world’s leading climate researchers in Copenhagen.

Legal rules don’t fit modern family life

Whilst marriage is still the most common family arrangement, the number of couples cohabiting is increasing and yet the law does not reflect or protect these modern living arrangements.

Exeter student speaks at House of Commons

A postgraduate student from the University of Exeter has presented at the House of Commons.

Exeter engineer showers international team with water expertise

A professor from the University of Exeter is preparing to travel to Israel to share his expertise on water engineering.

Exeter event to examine future of energy

Where will our energy come from in the future? Can we find a source of energy that is both sustainable and affordable? What can be done to tackle energy security?

Student embarks on space mission to Africa

A University of Exeter student’s passion for astronomy is taking her to West Africa.

Kurdish students celebrate New Year

New Year celebrations are taking place all over the Middle East, the former Soviet Union and here in Exeter.

Local firms help University of Exeter students to finals of national competition

Teams of students from across the University came together in the battle to be chosen to represent Exeter in the Flux 500 national finals, being held in Plymouth on the 6-8 April 2009.

University marathon man breaks world record

Jordan Toy, a 4th year Business and Economics undergraduate and member of the University Officer Training Corps, recently smashed the Guinness World Record for the ‘Fastest Marathon in Military Uniform.’

New research reveals earliest evidence for corn in the New World

A University of Exeter archaeologist is on an international team of scientists that has discovered the first direct evidence that maize was domesticated by 8,700 years ago, the earliest date recorded for the crop.

Exeter researcher to develop coatings that kill superbugs

A scientist from the University of Exeter’s Cornwall Campus is part of a €3 million Europe-wide research collaboration to pioneer research into safer, more effective antibacterial plastics and coatings.

Discover the stars with University astronomers

South west residents are invited to discover Space as never before.

New centre to benefit local people suffering from depression

People living in and around Exeter are benefitting from the launch of a specialist service for treating depression.

London entertains new playwright from Plymouth

The stage is set to receive dynamic young playwright and scholarship student Bysshe Coffey’s wickedly entitled ‘Catastrophic Sex Music’ at a London venue famous for programming brave new theatre.