Science in the Square takes place in Falmouth on Friday August 15

Go nuts with nature at Science in the Square 2014

After the huge success of previous events, researchers from the University of Exeter's Penryn Campus will be back sharing their passion for our planet at this year’s free Science in the Square, part of Falmouth Week 2014, on Friday August 15.

This year, the team is also celebrating 10 years of the University of Exeter in Cornwall, so the day will be particularly special.

Join the scientists on a journey to discover why nature is nuts! A series of mini talks will take visitors on an exploration of Nutty Navigators, Crazy Climate, Strange Sounds and the planet’s Odd Olympians.

As well as sharing their enthusiasm for their research, the experts will be on hand for visitors to challenge them with questions throughout the afternoon.

There are six interactive zones to explore, including the chance to examine skulls in the Bone Zone, come face-to-face with wild animals in the Marine Zone and get your hands dirty in the Earth Zone.

Professor Stuart Bearhop from the University of Exeter said: “One of the really exciting things about being a scientist is that the truth is often stranger than fiction, and this year we are going to focus on some of the more surprising aspects of the world in which we live. As always we see Science in the Square as an opportunity for people of all ages to experience some of this excitement at first hand in a fun, friendly and hands-on environment.”

 Science in the Square will provide everyone with the opportunity to not only learn more about the amazing science taking place in the inspirational environments of Cornwall, but also to become scientists for the day.

The completely free event is suitable for all ages but particularly for those with children of school age. There will also be a chance for visitors to get creative in the Craft Zone, have their faces painted and have a go on the bouncy castle.

Science in the Square takes place at Events Square in Falmouth, between 12-4pm on Friday, August 15.

What’s on?

15-minute talks by our scientists...

12:30 Odd Olympians

Dr. Andy McGowan is a zoologist who loves the weird and wacky stuff animals get up to. Come and find out who would win Andy’s Animal Olympics!

13:30 Crazy Climate

Dr. Chris Laing is a geographer fascinated by how our climate is changing. Get ready to be blown away by extreme weather and immersed in our remarkable oceans.

14:30 Strange Sounds

Dr Caitlin Kight goes nuts for birds! Come with her on a countdown of strange bird sounds from around the world, from copycats to caterwaulers!

15:30 Nutty Navigators

Dr. Lucy Hawkes is a marine biologist with a passion for sea-life from birds to turtles. She studies how animals move around our oceans and how they survive on their amazing journeys. 

Interactive Zones run by our experts...

Bone Zone: discover skulls and skeletons, find out how limbs work and attempt the skeleton challenge.

Marine Zone: meet the weird and wonderful rocky-shore inhabitants that live right here in Falmouth.

Live Zone: get up close and personal with wild animals, including giant land snails, chameleons and our pet tarantula (called Bella!). Hold a cockroach and meet the other bugs and beasties that we study in our labs.

Mini-beast Zone: learn to use a microscope and explore the magical mini-beasts of a garden pond.

Earth Zone: see the amazing ways that scientists monitor the natural Earth, chat to scientists who have studied Iceland's volcanoes and look at some of the ash from a recent eruption.

Craft Zone: get creative at our craft table with painting, colouring, mask making and face-painting, plus a free bouncy castle!

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Date: 6 August 2014

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