The programme is running throughout the week with the grand finale on Friday 26th June

Students tackle Grand Challenges Online

For the first time, University of Exeter students, staff and external experts are coming together to tackle the major challenges of our time online.

The unique Grand Challenges programme has moved online this year in response to the Covid-19 pandemic and is a prototype for a multi-disciplinary, flexible and inclusive education in an increasingly digital world.

More than 550 students have signed up to 4 separate global challenges - Climate Emergency; Fighting Fake News; Loneliness and Mental Health; and Food for Thought.

The University of Exeter teams are joined by students from the University of South Florida and University of Mannheim working together online to solve problems, while physically located all over the world. The students work on their projects in small groups for 4 days, supported by mentors, external speakers and a variety of skills workshops. While the digital environment offers a distinct challenge, it is also an enriching and participative one that will help prepare students for life, learning and work in a very different world.

Grand Challenges is a distinctive Exeter programme that combines exceptional research and knowledge with outstanding education and skills based learning. The annual event also gives students an opportunity to work alongside academics and peers to solve real world problems and boost their career prospects and potential.   

The Grand Finale at 2pm on Friday 26th June will bring everyone together (virtually) to celebrate their achievements and share their work.

Find out more on the Challenges Online website and follow the progress of the projects throughout the week via #challengesonline on social media.

Date: 23 June 2020

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