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Centre for European Studies (CES)

The Centre for European Studies (CES) is part of the College of Social Sciences and international Studies and is based in Amory on Streatham Campus. It is an interdisciplinary research centre, with members in politics, sociology, geography, history, law, and the Business school. Their work covers a wide range of topics, spanning from the EU political system, its actors and institutions, policies, and governance processes, over comparative studies of European states and discourses, policies and politics in specific European states, to analysing Brexit, its impact on the EU and the UK, as well as the impact leaving the EU has on the UK on different levels. Find out more about the Centre’s members and the research we do.

The Centre supports both research and training. On the one hand, it sponsors workshops and events that bring together scholars from British and international universities as well as students and PhD students working on related themes. On the other hand, the Centre provides advanced training in the areas of EU politics, regulatory governance, public opinion, and the political economy of European integration through its MA programmes coordinated through the Department of Politics and the European stream of the MPA programme.

We host the European Journal of Political Research, and members of the Centre edit and contribute to a number of academic journals and book series and also have important roles in renowned professional associations.