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Proficiency in Social Data Science (PSDS)

Each academic year, C2S2 offers students from all disciplines at Exeter the opportunity to undertake a Proficiency in Social Data Science that can be tagged onto their degree. For example, students in History, Law or Archaeology will be able to enrol in our modules, complete the proficiency, and have it designated in their degree title.

To have the words ‘with proficiency in social data science’ added to their degree title, undergraduate students must successfully pass a minimum of 60 credits of data analysis by completing the following compulsory modules:

  • SSI1005 Introduction to Social Data (15 credits)
  • SSI1006 Data Analysis in Social Science I (15 credits)
  • SSI2005 Data Analysis in Social Science II (15 credits)
  • SSI2007 Data Analysis in Social Science III (15 credits)

Interested students must contact us to register their intention to follow the PSDS path,


  1. The data analysis modules must be taken at two different levels, and must be passed. Condoned modules will not count towards qualification for the data analysis proficiency degree title.
  2. Students wishing to be considered for the addition of social data science proficiency to their degree title should contact C2S2 during their first year of study and their College Office by no later than 1 June of their final year of study to request that this be considered by the Board of Examiners.