About the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) Impact Acceleration Account (IAA)

The ESRC IAA funding will enable our academics to build new and to strengthen existing relationships with non-academic partners. It will greatly enhance the ways in which our research can make a real and positive difference to the world by enabling our researchers to respond dynamically and flexibly to partnership opportunities as they arise.

The scheme, which runs until March 2019, has four funding streams providing a ladder of progression through which potential partnerships can be initiated and developed to enable more productive relationships. The ESRC IAA handbook offers comprehensive guidance, while brief further guidance on writing an application has been collated as a result of feedback from recent funding rounds.

Funding StreamAward AvailableAimApplication FormCurrent DeadlinesEnd of Project Report Form

GCRF NGO Data Scheme

£7,000 Build relationships with NGOs working in international development in an ODA context to explore the potential of secondary NGO data;

Enable researchers to increase the impact of NGO data in developing countries through secondary data analysis

Application Form

ODA Compliance Statement
Friday 20 April, 2018


Impact Cultivation

£3,000 To initiate and develop contacts and networks with collaborators from beyond the academic sector. Application Form 4pm Thursday 5 July, 2018

Report Form

Social Policy Network £3,000 To facilitate engagement between academic researchers and key public policy formers and influencers. Application Form 4pm Thursday 5 July, 2018 Report Form
Project Co-creation £20,000 For the exploration, development and implementation of findings from social science research with committed non-academic partners. Application Form Closed

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Partner Report Form

Knowledge Exchange Fellowship £20,000 To deepen existing links between social scientists and non-academic organisations by enabling academics to work in a non-academic organisation or for an external partner to work at the University. Application Form Closed

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Rapid Response Up to £2,000 (up to £5,000 under exceptional circumstances) To enable social scientists to respond quickly to urgent, rare or unforeseen events, or to take advantage of time-limited opportunities with the potential for all types of non-academic impact across all sectors. 2-page overview of scheme. Application Form Applications accepted on a rolling basis Report Form