About the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) Impact Acceleration Account (IAA)

The ESRC IAA funding will enable our academics to build new and to strengthen existing relationships with non-academic partners. It will greatly enhance the ways in which our research can make a real and positive difference to the world by enabling our researchers to respond dynamically and flexibly to partnership opportunities as they arise.

The scheme, which runs until July 2018, has four funding streams providing a ladder of progression through which potential partnerships can be initiated and developed to enable more productive relationships. The ESRC IAA handbook offers comprehensive guidance, while brief further guidance on writing an application has been collated as a result of feedback from recent funding rounds.

Update - additional funds: The ESRC is providing additional funds through the IAA to support the Global Challenges Research Fund. The additional £40k provided to Exeter will be administered through our 'Economic Development and Welfare Award Scheme' (EDWAS). Full guidance can be found in the EDWAS Briefing Document. Applications for up to £7k can be made using the EDWAS application form. Projects must be ODA compliant - you will need to complete the EDWAS ODA compliance statement. The deadline for applications was 26 August 2016.