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Quantitative Health Network

Quantitative Health Network

The Exeter Quantitative Health Network is a research community, fostering collaborations across disciplines, showcasing research in this area and gathering a critical mass to maximise funding potential.

The Exeter Quantitative Health Network is a collaborative research community involving over 100 scientists. We utilise quantitative techniques to understand complex biological and biomedical systems.

Our interactions are genuinely interdisciplinary. Quantitative science reveals unsuspected and entirely new worlds within biology and medicine. In turn, biology and medicine inspire major new developments in computation, mathematics and statistics.

Such approach is key to tackling current health challenges including infections, dementia, diabetes as well as neurological and mental health illnesses.

The three themes

  • Quantitative: Modelling, Analysis and Simulation

  • Health: Disease and wellbeing, Healthy ageing, Translational research

  • Network: Members, Stakeholders, Partners

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Twitter: @QuantHealthUoE

Quantitative Health Network
Living Systems Institute, room T03.01
University of Exeter
Stocker Road