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Rapid Response Research: The Educational Impact of School Closure

Update on the Rapid Response Survey on School Closure

We are currently analysing data from our survey on the impact of school closure on parents /guardians, teachers, young people and admissions / outreach staff.
2219 responses were collected between March 28th and April 20th 2020. A research report will be available shortly. In the meantime, we will shortly be releasing some emerging headlines on Twitter.

Find out more about the Rapid Response research project.




These research projects are currently funded and underway in the centre

Safeguarding BAME students

Nick Givens
Office for Students and University of Exeter
2017 - 2018

Transforming Transitions

Debra Myhill
2017 - 2019

Evaluating the fairness of admissions to UK higher education

Pallavi Amitava Banerjee
2017 - 2019

The use of Contextual Data in University Admissions

Anna Mountford-Zimdars
Fair Education Alliance
2017 - 2018