Fees for students from countries seeking membership of the European Union

Students from countries outside the European Union (EU), and who wish to undertake full-time study at the University of Exeter, are normally required to pay the “international” fee for their programme.

If a student has been assessed as having to pay international fees, and his/her country then subsequently joins the EU, then the date at which he/she can first be considered for eligibility for paying “Home/EU” fees will depend on the date of EU accession and the date(s) at which he/she elected to pay the tuition fees due. (Refer Schedule 1 paragraph 10 of the UK’s Education (Fees and Awards) Regulations 2007).

In the event that a student pays the full international fee at the beginning of an academic year, and their country becomes part of the EU during that academic year, no refund will be available. Students likely to be in this position are recommended accordingly to pay their tuition fees on a termly basis, in order that they may be considered for the “Home/EU” rate of tuition fee in the term(s) following their country’s accession as appropriate.

Students will only be considered for a reduction in fees to the “Home/EU” rate of tuition fee during an academic year if all amounts due in that academic year has been paid within the payment deadlines and in accordance with the Student Finance Regulations. In addition, the student must meet personal eligibility criteria.

If accession occurs after the first day of the Summer Term then “International” fee levels remain applicable for the remainder of that year.