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Ernestina, studying LLB Law with Business, Penryn Campus

Due to taking some time out before university, I was classed as a mature student when I started at Exeter. I was a bit reserved at first as I thought everyone would think I was older but once I got to know people I realised it didn’t matter. No one made me feel like I was the ‘older one’.

I liked that the Penryn Campus wasn’t a busy place like some universities. I can go out walking and enjoy the environment and the scenery around me. There’s a lot of places you can visit. A campus environment made it easy for me to make friends as I’d see people around. It’s nice to be able to easily go to the library, get a coffee, and meet up with friends without having to travel very far. There’s definitely a community feeling.

I love the fact that my course is more than just about reading lots of books; it’s very practical. We’ve had the opportunity to go to court and watch trials and sentencings which has been really interesting. Seminars are really small and intimate so you can confidently ask questions in a comfortable setting.

I’m still thinking about the future after I graduate. My degree opens up a lot of opportunities and there are so many careers I could go into.