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Zac, studying Zoology, Penryn Campus

I went backpacking at 24 and I saw first-hand the effects of climate change. It led me to want to do my part, and that’s what inspired me to pursue this career. The Zoology course at Penryn looked amazing – the field courses, the course structure, and then when I visited on my offer holder visit day, the university just blew me away.

I was nervous about being a mature student. But the staff were so welcoming and open, and the student ambassadors I met when I visited really sold it to me – how there was this tight-knit community I could be part of. Being older, you wonder how much you’ll grow as a person, but I’m completely different to who I was in first year thanks to the friends I’ve made, of all ages and from all backgrounds.

I hadn’t been in education for almost ten years, so I had to do an access course where I did an A-level in 9 months and that was a wakeup call, but it helped me prepare for the level of work at university.

The academics on the course really listen to student feedback and will adapt and change things to add value to our education and that is definitely another highlight for me.