Penryn Campus map

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Academic, Administration and Social Buildings

The Exchange  1

The Compass
Career Zone
IT Suites

Daphne du Maurier building  2

Camborne School of Mines
Department of Biosciences
Accessibility Services
Fitness Centre
Teaching rooms and laboratories
The Stannary Restaurant and bars

Environment and Sustainability Institute (ESI)  3

Science and Engineering Research Support Facility (SERSF)  4

Business School
Marine Renewables Team
College of Life and Environmental Sciences (CLES)

Peter Lanyon building  5

Department of Geography
Department of Humanities
Department of Politics
Academic Support Unit
Education Support Services
Teaching and seminar rooms

Reprographics  7

The Heart  8

University Reception and Shop

Tremough House and The Annexe  9

Applied Maths
Student Services
Wellbeing Centre
MSc Suite

Tremough Innovation Centre  10

Performance Centre  11

Sports Centre and Nursery  12


Self-Catered Residences

Glasney Student Village  6

Multi-use Games Area (MUGA)

Building information is correct at October 2016