'Receiving' by Thomas Allen

'Receiving' was selected by the Sunday Times Watercolour of the Year 2011 competition.

Exeter alumnus 'receiving' great praise for artwork

A painting by Exeter alumnus Thomas Allen has just completed a tour of the UK as part of the Sunday Times Watercolour of the Year 2011 competition.

The work, called Receiving was previously on show in the Mall Galleries in London.

Thomas is a self-taught fine artist, having developed a passion for art as a young child. He came to Exeter to study Sociology with Economics and his previous studies at the University now influence much of his work.

Since graduation he has focused on developing his career as an artist, which led to his success with Receiving.

“The two central concepts being explored in this work are the phenomenon of emergence and the life of the image,” explained Thomas.

“It is intended that the viewer dreams before the image, catching glimpses of themself reflected as meanings and associations within the image and experiencing the life born of the synergy between viewer and image.”

Thomas is now looking to develop his own exhibition and is keen to hear from others in the art world.

More of his work and further information can be found on his website.

Date: 1 December 2011

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