PSFCheck slides

Product description

PSFcheck slides are tools to provide image-based performance metrics for optical microscopes. The slides contain fluorescent patterns and features which have a well-defined size and spacing. Images of these features, captured on your optical microscope, can be analysed to determine factors such as: spatial resolution, the point spread function (PSF), illumination uniformity, image distortion and detector linearity. These patterns have a broad excitation and emission spectrum and can therefore be excited and detected by a wide range of fluorescence microscopes.

PSFcheck slide (Product code: ADC0001):

Introductory price: £365.00 per slide (excluding VAT) (to purchase please fill in webform)

Technical specification: The fluorescent calibration patterns are embedded within a clear polymer substrate. The 200 μm thick substrate is sandwiched between a 75 mm x 25 mm x 1 mm glass microscope slide and Ø 12 mm, 170 μm thick coverslip. Four calibration patterns are included:

1. 3D array: An 8 x 8 x 3 array of sub-diffraction (<150 μm) points on a 10 μm pitch (in X, Y and Z).

2. Larger area power series: 500 μm x 20 μm regions with variable fluorescent brightness. Axial extent of pattern < 1 μm.

3. Grid: 500 μm x 500 μm grid pattern on a 10 μm pitch in X and Y. Axial extent of pattern < 1 μm.

4. Single point power series: Rows of identical points on a 10 μm pitch with variable point size between rows. 

5. Refractive index: The refractive index of the polymer substrate is 1.58.

6. Lifetime: As with most fluorophores, the intensity of the fluorescent pattern is expected to fade (bleach) with use. The rate at which the fluorescence fades is strongly dependent upon the intensity of the excitation illumination to which the patterns are exposed. With regular (weekly) use the fluorescence half-life is predicted to be 6-12 months, although this could be much longer at lower exposure levels. The fluorescence brightness of the slide does not diminish when not being used.