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CRPL Research Methods Seminar Series - Joe Brassington - Using children's picture books to build empathy

Event details

Using children's picture books to build empathy

Speakers: Joe Brassington

Using children’s picture books to build empathy. In this talk Joseph will explore why he believes teachers must consciously construct opportunities to build empathy in their classrooms, and why picture books are often the perfect place to start.


Joseph Brassington is a primary school teacher. He has recently completed a Masters in learning and teaching with the University of Oxford: his research focused on effective verbal feedback and the removal of written marking from primary education. Outside of studying, Joseph is passionate about usualising conversations with children about mental health. He believes that all schools and classrooms should be deliberately constructed as emotionally honest spaces. Spaces where children are encouraged to talk about their feelings, explore their mental health, and develop their emotional honesty.


This event will take place on Zoom, please contact the event organiser for the meeting link.