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Centre for Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND)

Regular centre meeting for staff and students (all welcome)

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Hatice will be presenting on some recent research she has conducted in Turkey:

Student and Parent Perceptions of Government-Funded Private Special Education Schools

Halis Sakız, Zeliha Tören, and Hatice Yıldırım

We investigated the perceptions of students with disabilities (SWD) and their parents about the education offered in private special education institutions in Turkey, called “Special Education and Rehabilitation Centres” (SERCs). Data were collected from a survey administered to 453 SWD and 479 parents and interviews that were conducted with 38 parents. Survey findings indicated both satisfaction and, largely, dissatisfaction with the quality of special education offered in SERCs. Findings indicated that (i) parents were satisfied with the opportunities provided for their children to receive free special education and (ii) there was discontent about the use of government-funded resources, the quality of teaching, environmental arrangements, attitudes and beliefs toward SWD, inspection and supervision, and the way policy was designed and implemented. Findings demonstrate the need to reconsider the quality of education offered in private special education centres and the ways to improve the quality level.