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Centre for Research in STEM Education (CRISTEME) - Centre Meeting

Regular centre meeting for staff and students (all welcome)

At this meeting we are hosting Dr Ian Jones, Reader in Education Assessment at Loughborough University.

Event details

Comparative judgement in educational research

Ian Jones, Mathematics Education Centre, Loughborough University


Educational researchers often need to construct precise and reliable measurement scales of complex and varied objects such as participants’ written work, videoed lesson segments and policy documents. Developing such scales can be resource-intensive and time-consuming and even then the outcomes are not always reliable. In this talk I will present alternative methods based on comparative judgement (CJ) that have been growing in popularity over recent years. First I will explain what CJ methods are and how they work, and consider the motivations for using them. Then I will present evidence for the efficiency, validity and reliability of the resultant scales from a programme of research conducted at Loughborough over the past decade. The session will include a chance for attendees to have a go at some comparative judging, and I will reflect on common objections to CJ methods.