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Language and Education Network - Research Seminar - Maria González-Davies (FPCEE-Blanquerna University Ramon Llull, Barcelona) and Gabriela Meier (University of Exeter)

Regular network meeting for staff and students (all welcome)

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Comparing two approaches: Integrated plurilingual approach and multilingual socialisation approach.

By following each other’s work, we have noted that there are some overlaps between approaches that we have established. Both are theory-informed and practice-oriented frameworks that aim to facilitate multilingual practices in education. In this talk we present each approach and explore similarities and differences with the audience. We aim to take these discussions as a starting point to develop a systematic analysis of the two approaches, which we aim to publish as a journal article.

The IPA framework
The Integrated Plurilingual Approach (IPA) to language learning investigates the situated needs of teachers and how they can integrate plurilingual practices ecologically in their syllabus.  This approach proposes an informed formative intervention model that promotes inquiry-based and research-related classroom developments that are sensitive to the linguistic ecology of classrooms and foster plurilingual identities. To narrow the gap between academic research and classroom practices, we operate in mixed groups that include university lecturers and schoolteachers.

The M-SOC framework proposes a model to think about how plurilingualism/multilingualism can be used as an educational resource in five educational domains:

1. Creating a multilingual educational environment
2. Developing awareness about languages, language ideologies and attitudes
3. Making connections between languages in order to study form
4. Making connections between languages for real communication and learning
5. Multilingual approach to (self-)evaluation



Speakers: Maria González-Davies (FPCEE-Blanquerna University Ramon Llull, Barcelona) and Gabriela Meier (University of Exeter)



Access passcode: j9^5sKwR