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Developing a framework based on early economic evaluation to inform Target Product Profiles for new diagnostic tests

Webinar presented by Paola Cocco, University of Leeds

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Target Product Profiles (TPPs) are strategic documents, targeted at test developers, summarising in advance the desirable features new (or existing) test should possess to address a given unmet clinical need. TPPs are increasingly of interest to global and national health policy-makers as a means to accelerate the development process of new diagnostic tests.


During this seminar, key findings from a systematic review on the current methodology for developing TPPs for medical tests will be presented, followed by a discussion on how early economic evaluation (EEE) methods could improve the TPP methodology framework for tests. Using EEE methods to inform TPPs provides a more objective, evidence-based and transparent approach to defining test specifications based on cost-effectiveness considerations.


During her PhD, Paola has applied the EEE methods to a case study example – a new rapid point-of-care test for Clostridium difficile infection – to back-calculate desirable performance specifications for new rapid tests. A discrete event simulation (DES) model was built in SIMUL8 to reflect the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust care pathway for patients with suspected CDI. The seminar will then conclude with an overview of the DES model, including a discussion of the model structure, analysis and main results


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