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IBCS Seminar - Emily Sims - MD, MS - Indiana University School of Medicine

Beta Believe It - How Beta Cell Dysfunction Can Inform our Understanding of T1D Pathophysiology and Interventions

WE are pleased to welcome Emily who is an Associate Professor of Paediatrics at IU where she also serves as an Assistant Director of the Medical Scientist Training Program and Assistant Director of Faculty Development and Translational Research Within the Wells Center for Paediatric Research.

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An evolving body of data suggests a bidirectional and often deleterious dialogue between the β cell and the immune system during type 1 diabetes evolution. In this seminar Dr. Sims will present work applying measures of beta cell function and dysfunction to understand clinical responses to immunotherapy, as well as preclinical data aiming to help define contributions of intrinsic β cell dysfunction to the pathophysiology of type 1 diabetes.

Dr. Sims is a physician scientist specializing in pediatric endocrinology with a research focus on identification of mechanisms and biomarkers of intrinsic beta cell dysfunction that contribute to development of diabetes. In addition to her active lab-based and translational/clinical research program, which includes funding through the NIH and JDRF, Dr. Sims participates in several diabetes networks, including Type 1 Diabetes TrialNet, the Rare and Atypical Diabetes (RADIANT) Network, and the new Type 1 Diabetes Acute Pancreatitis Consortium (T1DAPC). She hopes to ultimately utilize knowledge gained for development of biomarkers and beta cell-targeted therapeutics that allow for a more tailored approach to treatment of patients with or at-risk for diabetes.

Please join via Zoom link below