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Workshop on Bilingualism, Deafness and Education

Supported by SSIS ADR Discretionary Fund, we are aiming to establish an interest group with members at the University of Exeter and beyond to research and generate impact on sign bilingualism (sign language + spoken language), deafness and education.

Event details

As part of our effort to enable the establishment of the group and solicit interest for collaboration, we are organising a one-day workshop on 4th July. The workshop features talks from invited speakers and a routable session for exploring research collaboration on the theme of bilingualism, deafness and education through interdisciplinary and international perspectives.

The workshop will be conducted online via Zoom. English-BSL interpretation will be provided throughout the event. It is open to both academic and non-academic audiences.

We are hoping that this event will lead to long-term planning of collaboration that includes grant bidding to research and generate impact on the theme both in the UK and internationally (e.g. raising public awareness about sign bilingualism and generating evidence-based strategies for deaf education).

Please refer to the PDF attached for further details on the workshop and how to register and attend it. Contact information is also provided there should you have any questions. 

We look forward to the attendance of as many of you as possible at the workshop.


Hannah Anglin-Jaffe, School of Education, University of Exeter
Aureliu Lavric, Department of Psychology, University of Exeter
Dongbo Zhang, School of Education, University of Exeter