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Centre for Research in Language and Literacy - Spring Reading Group

Reading Group organised by the organised by the Literacies, Dialogue and Thinking research strand

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Our new Centre gets going this Spring with a reading group organised by the Literacies, Dialogue and Thinking Strand.  Join us to explore different concepts around ‘dialogue’, ‘dialogism’ and dialogic pedagogy in our Spring reading group. The format is the same each time. Read the chapter or article in advance and mark up three ideas/parts of the text that you would like to explore further through dialogue (of course!) in the session.

NB these are online sessions using Zoom as a preferred tool for enabling inclusive dialogue.

This session: 

Linell, P. (2003). Dialogical Tensions: On Rommetveitian themes of minds, meanings, monologue and languages, Mind, Culture, and Activity, 10:3, 219-229,