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Exploring the Role of Constraints: Stories of Network Structure, Tanzania, and Music

Exeter Centre for Social Networks Research Seminar- Steffen Triebel (Leibniz University Hannover)

You are invited to attend an Exeter Centre for Social Networks Research Seminar with Steffen Triebel.

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The research seminar will present three research ideas in different stages. All of these revolve, to some extent, around the concept of constraints. The first idea explores the relationship between brokerage orientations, network structure, and job performance. Preliminary findings indicate that on their own, brokerage orientations or network structures are not enough to explain network outcomes, but their interaction offers fruitful insights. The second idea leverages the broaden and build theory, hypothesizing that social innovation adoption and life satisfaction should mutually influence each other. Using a unique dataset of Tanzanian households, regression analysis finds no support for this. Instead, preliminary results challenge the concept of life satisfaction. Breaking the construct up into individual domains indicates that it is not suitable to understand contexts outside of industrialized countries. The third and final idea revolves around a music genre that has seen a more rapid professionalization than any other: HipHop. Initially based on the principle of “each one, teach one”, aiming to be creative through references that either instigated collaboration or conflict, it is now the most commercially successful music genre on the planet. Dynamic network actor-oriented models potentially allow us to explore how the organizational constraints introduced through label affiliations have changed how rap music is an outlet of pure, unrestricted creativity into a genre in which artists must meet organizational expectations.


Steffen Triebel received his Ph.D. in management at the Leibniz University Hanover. In his research, he is interested in networks between and within organizations, their dynamics and consequences. His interests span a wide range of topics, such as strategy, innovation, and entrepreneurship. He is a contributor to the RSiena package and an active member of the network modelling community.


XFI Conference Room 1 & MS Teams, please email if you would like the link.