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Learning, Knowing, Doing seminar series: Whose, what, how and why? A simple guide to knowledge mobilisation

Dr Vicky Ward, Lecturer in Primary Care, Institute of Health Sciences, University of Leeds

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Researchers and practitioners face a number of challenges when trying to think about moving knowledge into action. The field is awash with confusing terminology, diverse definitions, fragmented literature and unhelpful models and frameworks. This can mean that any that initial enthusiasm for linking knowledge with action can quickly turn into bewilderment and bafflement.

This challenge is something which Vicky has faced, and at times continues to struggle with. In this session she will share something of her journey through this bewildering world and offer a simple framework for helping anyone who is interested in moving knowledge into action to reflect on and clarify their aims and objectives and identify helpful models.

Vicky is a knowledge mobilisation researcher based at the Leeds Institute of Health Sciences at the University of Leeds. In 2014 she was awarded a 3-year NIHR Knowledge Mobilisation Research Fellowship to explore how multi-professional teams share practice-based knowledge and know-how with one another. She has a longstanding interest in understanding the processes by which knowledge and action take place, and she can often be found digging around in the latest literature to uncover models and frameworks which try to represent these processes.

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