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Academic attitudes towards becoming educational leaders

CRPL Research Seminar - Speaker - Sue Burkill (University of Exeter)

In this seminar I shall draw on my on-going doctoral research into the attitudes of academics towards taking on educational leadership roles. This research has largely been based on a case study of the University of Exeter but I hope ultimately will be of wider value to academics and institutions. In the session I shall:

Event details

  • briefly contextualise my research and explain why I believe it has contemporary relevance.
  • explain why I have chosen an applied critical realist research methodology
  • present for discussion some key findings from interviews with early career academics.
  • ask seminar participants to consider and share ideas with me about an attitudinal framework which I  have been developing.


This is a Centre for Research in Professional Learning seminar.  Please see our centre website for details of other research activities.


Baring Court 114