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The LANGUAGES project members together in Oslo. Photo: Misha Jemsek

Debra Myhill attends first 'face to face' meeting of Languages Project group

Researchers from the newly started LANGUAGES project gathered on the 15 and 16 November 2021 at the University of Oslo. It was the first time all nine members of the project had met in the same place, and it provided an opportunity for them to plan and discuss the way forward for the project.

This project looks at English and French teaching in three countries – England, France and Norway – where English and French are taught as first, second or additional languages. The project will use language tests, video observation and interviews in eight schools in each of the three countries. The researchers want to understand how language teachers in secondary schools support language development among students from different proficiency levels and language backgrounds. By comparing the observations from each country with perspectives from students and teachers, the project aims to identify characteristics of both good and challenging language teaching.

“I think we’ve got a really interesting project here, and a fantastic bunch of researchers. As a group we have a wide range of competences, and I think that our different fields of expertise complement each other really well” says Debra Myhill, Professor at the University of Exeter.

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