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Our centres

EPSRC Hub for Quantitative Modelling in Healthcare

Working in collaboration with internationally leading clincal research groups in diabetes, microbial and mental health, this centre aims to advance quantitative modelling techniques that transform healthcare therapies, treaments and delvier.

This Hub facilitates the Clinical Translation and Engagement with Partners through funding activities including Feasibility Projects, Mini-projects driven by our Early Career Researchers and Health Datathons, Hackathons and Study Groups.

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Translational Research Exchange @ Exeter (TREE)

The Translational Research Exchange @ Exeter (TREE) is an innovative programme designed to build research links between biomedical and clinical research.

This programme helps leverage Exeter’s vibrant biomedical science community into a world leading centre for research excellence and innovation in healthcare technologies. By linking biomedical and clinical researchers with Exeter’s physical science, computational and mathematical expertise, this programme ensures the prompt and efficient clinical translation of research carried out in the University’s biosciences laboratories, including within the state-of-the-art Living Systems Institute.

To facilitate progress towards real-world clinical applications, the programme incorporates a healthcare technologies Industry Team which provides an interface for University researchers seeking to connect with the pharmaceutical, medical device and biotechnology industries. Our mission is to develop a holistic translational pipeline, transforming fundamental discoveries through technological innovation into real-world applications, delivering impact to patients, clinicians and the wider healthcare economy.

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Centre for Biomedical Modelling and Analysis (CBMA)

The Centre for Biomedical Modelling and Analysis (CBMA) brings together scientists from quantitative disciplines including mathematics, computer science and physics with those from biology, biomedicine and clinical sciences to enable breakthroughs in biomedical and clinical research.

We aim to understand the underlying molecular basis of disease and to apply this knowledge in innovative ways that lead to improved treatment and a better quality of life for people.

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EPSRC Centre for Predictive Modelling in Healthcare (CPMH)

The EPSRC Centre for Predictive Modelling in Healthcare brings together a world leading team of mathematicians, statisticians and clinicians with a range of industrial partners, patients and other stakeholders to focus on the development of new methods for managing and treating chronic health conditions using predictive mathematical models.

We aim to revolutionise the diagnosis and prognosis of a range of common chronic health conditions such as cardiac arrhythmias, diabetes and epilepsy.

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