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Research Software Engineering Group at Exeter

Research Software Engineering Group

The University has created a centralised Research Software Engineering (RSE) group that will assist our research community with complex and bespoke research software needs.

What are RSEs?

The primary role of an RSE is to develop, maintain and extend research software as an integral part of the research process. RSEs bring dual expertise in professional software development practices and domain specific knowledge, which enables them to produce reliable, efficient and maintainable software for research. Professional software engineering aids impact through the continued use of software tools after the research project has ended.

The use of research software has spread from traditional applications such as numerical methods and simulation in maths, physics and chemistry to being essential for data analysis or controlling experiments across disciplines.

The RSEs at Exeter work with researchers across disciplines to gain an understanding of the problems they face, and then develop, maintain and extend software to provide the answers.

Where can I find out more?

If you are interested in working with an RSE on your project then head over to our Working with us page. Here you can also find ways to engage with the wider RSE community in the University.

You can find Case studies of recent projects we've contributed to. To have a look at some of the software we've developed, head over to the Group's GitHub organisation.

For more information about the team, examples of what RSEs do, or for other queries please contact