COVID-19 Working Safely


In order to look after the health, safety and wellbeing of all our staff, students and visitors that are intending to or have already returned to campus a range of measures are in place and action has been taken to provide COVID-19 safe workplaces. These measures and actions are constantly monitored to ensure the campuses are as safe as we can by a combination of methods.

 The University's approach to COVID-19 includes a number of restart working groups to enable a return of staff, students and visitors to our campuses in a way that minimises the risk of transmission of COVID-19.


In this context, ‘students’ refers to PGR, PhDs and PGTs only and does not include undergraduates.

‘Visitors’ includes external contractors (excluding those working within a compound that has been formally managed by a Principle Contractor) and service engineers etc. Managers refers to a line manager (staff) and a supervisor (students).

Due to the rapidly changing Government advice and sector specific guidance, the information in these pages and within the guidance documents will be updated regularly in line with updates from the UK Government, Public Health England (PHE) and World Health Organisation (WHO).

We strongly discourage downloading and storing locally any guidance documents as latest versions will always be available on this web page which include a clear version control system to enable you to identify where and when changes have been made.

All information and instructions within these pages must be followed in addition to the existing Health and Safety, Occupational Health and Wellbeing, HR and EDI Policies, Standards and Guidance.

Before staff return to campus managers, staff and students should familiarise themselves with the content of this website to ensure all reasonable steps have been taken to enable a safe return to campus.

(if you have symptoms, a confirmed case or have had any contact from NHS Track and Trace)

Action Card out of hours student symptoms COVID-19

Prior to the opening of buildings:

To ensure a COVID-19 safe working environment is maintained. Estate Services staff have an overarching COVID-19 risk assessment with mitigation arrangements in place.

Information for Managers relating to staff and work place safety can be found in the Managers tab of this web page.

In this section there is information for Managers/Supervisors to assist in making workspaces safe for staff and students to return to campus in a COVID-19 secure environment.


Managers/Supervisors are required to undertake the Managers training to understand what is required to prepare and maintain safe workplaces for the return of both staff and students.


Staff should be assessed individually to identify current work position and any vulnerabilities in relation to COVID-19. Any staff identified as Clinically Extremely Vulnerable and Clinically Vulnerable should continue to work from home for the foreseeable. 


All those working from home and on campus are to be directed to the COVID-19 DSE Guidance pages to ensure they are aware of both the information and equipment available for those that require adjustments to be made to their workstation.


Managers/Supervisors will ensure that staff and students are familiar with the process and procedures that are in place for the buildings they occupy. A local induction to the workspace setting out the risk assessment and safe ways of working for staff and students must be completed and records kept (a recording form is available).

Managers Training

Preparing the workplace

Testing & Vaccinations

SafeZone App:

Information and sources of support:


This section provides guidance, information and advice for staff and students returning to work on our campuses.

 All staff and students must complete the Return to Campus induction prior to returning to on-campus working. The mandatory ‘Introduction to your COVID secure workplace’ is e-learning (see training tab for details). Local induction will be provided to familiarise both staff and students with the new working environment and practices.

Staff working from home and on campus must do a DSE Self-assessment. Access to this assessment is via the COVID-19 DSE Guidance page.

Staff or students who are concerned about returning to on-campus working should speak to their Manager/Supervisor and/or Occupational Health/Wellbeing Services.

 Returning to Campus Guide:


Using personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Face Coverings:


Information and sources of support:


This section provides guidance, information and advice for the personal safety of our staff, students and visitors returning to work on our campuses.

All staff returning to the workplace are required to complete the online training course titled 'Introduction to your COVID-19 Work Place'. This is a mandatory course and staff must not return to a Campus or work area managed by the University of Exeter without first completing this training. This course requires staff to self-enrol via LearnUpon.

 All Staff training:

 Managers training:

 Student (Doctoral College) training:

 Local Induction:

Local induction is provided at local management level so that both staff and students can familiarise themselves with the new environment and working practices.





The University approach to Covid-19 included a number of restart groups that worked hard to enable the return of staff, students and visitors to our campuses in a way that minimises the risk of transmission of Covid-19.

  • Over-arching University risk assessment