Illegal Drugs: University Statement and Policy

The University has a zero tolerance approach to the criminal misuse and supply of controlled substances and it is important to note that criminal convictions for the misuse or supply of a controlled substance can restrict further career and life choices. Whilst consumption of alcohol is not illegal, any resultant inappropriate behaviour may contravene the law and/or the University's Disciplinary procedures. 

The policy is concerned with the effects of drugs and alcohol during the student experience at the University. The policy applies to all students of the University, who are required to adhere to the policy guidelines - Student Alcohol and Drugs Policy

Where possible and appropriate we will focus on minimising potential harm to the individual, by providing reliable sources of information, and signposting to available advice or support.  

University Disciplinary Procedure

Exeter based students - Wellbeing Services or Students’ Guild Advice Unit

Cornwall based students - Student Services - Wellbeing or FXU Drugs & Alcohol online advice